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Robert R. from Florida said:

We really loved your video. The couples look like real couples. We like the fact that we hear them talk to each other and what they say. The selection of music and the way you use the music is very nice. Overall better than any other videos we have seen.

N. Kane from Alaska wrote:

We have two of your videos. We have watched the first one and will view the second one soon. There seems to be much educational value here even for senior citizens like ourselves. The expert expresses herself very well without excess wordiness and must certainly be knowledgeable and most helpful. Please advise me as to other educational videos that you may have available.

From www.amazon.com, a viewer from Evanston, IL USA

Initially I was a little disappointed after my first viewing, but after giving its content some thought I’ve decided it’s actually a pretty good video. It’s a fun, light excursion for couples looking to try some experimentation beyond their current comfort levels. I’d buy the additional films in the series.

Hi… my name’s Neil and i recently got 2 of your videos loaned to me by a friend of mine I watched with my girlfriend, the ultimate massage one and the what men want … and it helped us especially in the massage area we feel more educated now… they were very informative and now we visited your site and we’re looking into ordering a few of your instructional videos to also share in our private library and also with our friends to help enhance their relationship as your videos enhanced ours…thanks for the videos…yall are a big help to novices and semi pros alike

Interestingly, we purchased a portable DVD player, placed it on the bed next to us, and viewed “Ultimate Massage” as I followed along and gave my wife a massage. It definitely enhanced the experience greatly.

Ian D.

I purchased sensual massage. I
love it and my wife does too.


Hi, My wife and are happily married for 6 years. We just brought one of your videos and enjoyed it very much.

John and Pam

I have to say I love your series or at least the ones I’ve reviewed so far. Yours live up to the promise and as a female really appeal to me but equally they appeal to Hubby which makes them perfect viewing material for couples something I’ve been hunting down forever it seems-))

Jennifer H.
New Hampshire

David M.
Albany, Oregon
We just love these videos and will be ordering more later.

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